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Welcome To cmm Architects

Architectural Services For Every Sector

Carrick McCormack McIntyre Architects (cmm), established in Glasgow in 1999 has a wide range of experience across the UK.

The practice works in many fields including social housing, leisure, education, healthcare, commercial, residential buildings and the arts. We have considerable specialist experience in glass design and cladding systems in addition to our extensive experience of working directly for building contractors on residential, commercial and educational projects.

We design and produce high quality buildings to meet our clients’ needs in all respects: visually, environmentally, technically, on time and on budget. We recognise that this involves the work of a team. Our aim on every project is to establish close working relationships with the contractor and the other disciplines involved.

Our design method involves close dialogue with the client. We regard the brief for a building as crucial. We aim to explore and develop this with our clients to ensure that the design of a building grows out of a shared understanding of the needs that it will satisfy This has to be achieved amidst the constraints of a realistic and practical world. There are inevitable tensions between what is desirable and what is possible; between what one would like to achieve and what one can afford. The design process aims to close these gaps using such constraints as a springboard for ideas and invention from which solutions develop. Solutions, which give rise to coherent, functional and efficient buildings appropriate to the activities that they will contain and represent.


Since their inception CMM have deliberately worked across wide areas of design in both the construction and manufacturing sectors, developing products from furniture and light fittings to modular construction.


CMM have extensive knowledge of working in the commercial property market understanding clients’ requirements and the complexities of property funding, management and development. From manufacturing plant to complex company relocations, we have diverse experience across this sector


Employed for their specialist design skills and interior design CMM have contributed to significant retail developments such as the Buchanan Galleries and Silverburn in Glasgow. Their portfolio covers master planning retail areas (Coatbridge town centre) to individual stores and outlets. 


Housing is complex and diverse, from large scale urban developments to small bespoke designs, individual and specific to its users. cmm have extensive experience throughout.

cmm believe in design being appropriate to its context respecting local traditions and using local materials. The wide range of our work shows our commitment to maximising value for our clients both in design and execution.